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The Clutches Clan

The Clutches Clan

Hi, I’m Paul. I’m 16 years old, African American (Haitian and American), I’m a Sophomore in High School, my birthday is on December 19 and I own the Clutches Clan. Clutches (mainly refered to as CL) is a gaming clan I created in the hopes of one day becoming an org in 2037 when I’m older. The clan doesn’t focus on any particular games and we play almost anything. The clan also doesn’t focus on people extremely skilled. If you’re interested hmu so we can go through the process but before that allow me to mention the requirements!

Must be 10+, Must have a source of contact, NO TOXICITY, NO SEXUAL HARASSMENT, Must be available AT LEAST once every 30 days (in condition of serious matters), must answer texts and calls as much as possible. Those r just a few. Reach out to me to learn about the clan and me 👇

Snap: paulrools6k

Discord: CL-Paul#7128

Phone Number: (845) 746-1419

Email: p72066709@gmail.com

Add Me

PlayStation: CL-Paul57

Fortnite: CL-Paul

Roblox: CL_Paul42