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Let’s go over my dream and vision for this place and what steps I’ll be taking to reach it. I’d like to create a chill and active place for gaming whether the games be ones on servers provided by us or just whatever game is hot at the moment. I don’t know about y’all but gaming alone is boring and sad as hell. I’d like to gather a bunch of weirdos hopefully a bunch of active duty/vet folks (but open to all) getting together when they can to chill out and have a good time and to not worry about finding someone to game with. I’ll go over the steps I’ll be taking to get there.


I’ll be opening up the server to the public, but do not fret. There is ZERO access to any channel for new people until they submit and get their application approved by a staff member. Applications are the best way to keep the Server safe, clean of spam and just filter out all of the sickos.


I design and create all graphics and 100% of the content for the Discord. I’ll be advertising and hosting servers on my own dime. I already pay for tier 3 on the Server as well as the game servers. I have no issue hosting any game if you’d like to see it let me know. I do not intend to make any money or try to sell anyone on any BS. Just trying to make a fully functional community with our own private stuff.


I appreciate you guys being here and I’d like to see everyone invite their friends to join along. Any current member can vouch for their friend and they do not have to submit an application. I’m also looking for people interested in being a staff member to help with applications and moderation of channels and servers. Thanks y’all for being here and I hope to see lots more here in the near future.