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TLNC Gaming eSports

TLNC Gaming eSports

Who & What is TLNC? “I founded TLNC Gaming in 2017 to bring other gamers together to form a chill gaming family. We originated from Call of Duty Black Ops 2 just pub stomping a bunch of newbs in Search And Destroy, Team Deathmatch & Ground War playlists. We’ve grown into a more stronger team than ever and we’re hoping to get into the Competitive scene professionally to get our name out there and bring in more skillful players just like us.

– TLNC Veennful

Why Should You Join? “TLNC is determined to motivate, Communicate and change your gaming careers as a whole while you are with us; That can be with people wanting to go competitive to other things such as content creation and your team building skills. I joined this team in 2017 and it had done a lot to me and my friends i have helped build over the years. This team is a game changer.

– TLNC Dispair

Where can you apply to join? All of our information is in our team links. https://linktr.ee/tlncgaming ( Visit the Forums server to apply to join us ) TLNC Gaming Group, Guild, Clan & Team names will be displayed as ( TLNC Gaming Esports ) or ( TLNC ) in every team based game out there