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Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees is a home for every gamer out there. Our focus is to give everyone a home base to make connections. We are starting from scratch to build something that everyone from leadership down to you can be proud of! Our aim is to create a place where everyone, and we mean everyone, can come together to create new friendships, new gaming buddies and hopefully make lasting memories.


We are revamping the way the community works by creating a sweat-free zone, a welcoming home for the casual and part time gamers out there. Just got off work? No problem! Just looking to be a casual/laid back gamer? Perfect! Here at Zero° we’re offering a place for the everyday gamer that isn’t trying to be a bunny hopping, slide cancelling sweat. As time goes on and the community grows we will grow alongside you and mould a community that everyone can take part in. From community events, to laughter filled voice chats, make Zero° your home!!!


We have multiple channels for potential streamers to make use of. Broadcast yourself to our growing community by growing alongside the community and taking on some community events. We have the room for streamers to come and make their home base right here at Zero°