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The High Five Crew

The High Five Crew

I would like to introduce to you The High Five Crew.

We are a brand new clan looking for members of all ages. We mostly play MW3 but we will also branch out to different games.

We would love to put together a competitive team also at some point for tournaments. We are a family oriented clan. Mostly casual players. We have a great sense of community and would love to add more members to our Crew.

If you are intersted in joining please add me on discord. Once you add me we can start the process of recruitment.

We do have some basic rules:

1. Be kind and courteous
2. No bullying (no exceptions)
3. Only Admins can invite potential members to discord.
4. No discrimination (sex race gender ect.)
5. You must have a mic to join us.
6. You must have discord also.

We do not have a logo as of yet or a website but it is all in process.

My discord is: blackwidow__420 (2 underscores.