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Take A Seat Bitch Gaming Clan

Take A Seat Bitch Gaming Clan

TSB is recruiting again!!🔥
We are looking for some fresh and eager faces for our community!
We are a gaming community with over 2000 members around the world 🌎
We are not competitive nor skill-based to join, we are simply a casual and fun clan/community
What do we have to offer you?
🔥 Gamenights
🔥 Workshops
🔥 A big family that you can be part of
🔥 Customized PFP
🔥 Different tournaments if thats your interest
🔥 Different events
🔥 Streamer friendly!
🔥 People around the world. Always someone to play with
✅ Good attitude
✅ Above 2000 gamerscore (if joining xbox divisions)
✅ Age: 16+
✅ Discord access