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Swarm esports

Swarm esports

**Swarm esports is recruiting**
__We are a recently started team that wants to help our players evolve And improve to the best they can be!__

**We want**
“`✮ Gfx/vfx ✮
✮ Editors in general ✮
✮ Call of duty players ✮
✮ Fortnite players ✮
✮ Apex players ✮
✮ Rocket league players ✮ “`

**What we intend on doing**
“`We want to build a community for the players and people to love and have fun in, we do amazing things and we plan on doing amazing things in the future“`

**Do we have competitive?**
“`Yes we do have competitive and to reach our official comp teams for any of the games you have to meet requirements, this team is called the elite team and it is for the best of the best to compete in tournaments, to tryout for this team you must meet all the expectations and bring a vod with you so we can review this and determine weather you make it or not.“`

**We do have self roles and cool things in the server you can do!
I’m glad you are apart of this and I hope you guys have a wonderful time in the swarm -dm me for inv**