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Sons of Valor

Sons of Valor

Hello Everyone,

Are you tired of being solo, and wanting people to join? Look no future! Our Clan is filled with chill, and friendly foes alike, our doors are open for all.


SOV is more than just a clan, we’ve built a supportive and welcoming community where everyone, from new players to Veterans, can find a home. Our Discord server is a bustling hub of activity, filled with friendly banter, strategic discussions, and a shared passion for Gaming.


We accept all Time Zones

Our discord server is open for all communications, making it easy to find a group, and socialize.

Guidance and Support
We currently have a small server, but plan on making it bigger. We help people find a home that they can call their own, and have a good time.

Platform and Region
We are cross-platform clan, welcoming people from PC/PLAYSTATION/XBOX/MOBILE

Age Requirement
We kindly ask you to be 21+

Non-Toxic Environment
We maintain a non-toxic environment, and if we find it, it is dealt with pretty fast, if you find someone being toxic, we will find someone, and deal with them.

Simple Rules
Be respectful and kind to all members.
No toxicity or harassment will be tolerated.
Be active in-game and on our Discord server.
Help fellow clan members when you can.
Have fun and enjoy the game!
Discord is a MUST for all communication.

Feel free to contact me in discord yelomeloz