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Contact [ callmevi ] on Discord for recruitment!

Hello from the members of RNG,


Thank you for taking a moment to read this post. Those of us here at RNG are looking to expand our roster of weekend warriors and hourly heroes! First and foremost, our community takes great pride in upholding our golden rules. These golden rules have a 0-tolerance policy attached.


No Discrimination: This can be based on race, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation/identity, disability, language, religion, politics, etc.


No Sexual Harassment: This is taken very seriously and may result in an automatic ban upon investigation.


Age: 18+ (No exceptions)


While we do support freedom of speech, there is a time and place for everything, even opinions!


Things to consider before joining; We do not allow Multi-Clanning, Cheating, or Stream Sniping within our ranks.


We DO accept New Gen/Old Gen platforms, as well as PC!


Yes, we use Discord!! (Link will be given upon recruitment interview.)


Here in RNG we take great pride in actively participating in maintaining the balance of a conducive and like-minded atmosphere! There are two ways we strive to make it comfortable for everyone; an open-door policy from Leadership, and an Investigation Team. Our utmost priority is to make sure the members (no matter the rank) are comfortable engaging and participating in our community. We would not be here without you, after all!


We do have monthly meetings; however, they are NOT mandatory. Though we do highly encourage participation. Especially if being a future part of leadership is what you seek.


Currently, we are involved in recruiting for COD: MWIII, however we are also recruiting/playing a plethora of other games.


(A few examples are; Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Sea of Thieves, COD:MWII, Minecraft, DayZ, Hell Let Loose, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket-League, GTA 5, and the list goes on…)


For those of you curious about our ranking structure.


  • Week 0 = Recruit; you have not yet earned the title of Private as we are still getting to know you! This phase can last 1+ weeks. Think of it as a prospect phase!


  • Week 1 (Minimum) = Private; you have now earned a place in the community, and we hope you are settling in. Starting now, we expect you have familiarized yourself with leadership as well as the rules/expectations within the community. You are now expected to be setting an example of our community; you are the backbone!


  • Week 3 (Minimum) = Sergeant; You are now adept at following the rules/expectations. You may have even requested/implemented a few changes of your own. From here, we hope you strive to further delve into the responsibilities of Leadership, if you so see fit! If not, that’s okay too! Must be active on Discord!


  • Week 5 (Minimum) = Lieutenant; (This is not a rank we automatically promote to.) Lieutenants are selected by Leadership Promotion / Interview. You must be active. Your new responsibilities are to lead the Sergeants and Privates with any leadership opportunities or questions they have. You are also the right hand of your Captain and are expected to assist them as needed or requested. This also includes meetings! Must be active on Discord!


  • Captain; (This rank is not a rank we automatically promote to.) Captains are selected by Leadership Promotion / Interview. As a Captain you are the right hand to your general and are expected to be active within the community. A Captain oversees only 1 (ONE) squad. A Captain is expected to keep their squad and squad list updated; new lists are due by the 15th of each month. This includes promotions, demotions, new recruits, absentees, etc.
  • Captains MUST promote in a timely manner. For a Captain to become a general they are expected to SPLIT their squad and open a new one before being promoted to General. An Interview and witness are required for promotion. Must be active on Discord!


  • General(This rank is not a rank we automatically promote to.) Generals are the top dogs of RNG & are expected to lead by example. They are expected to assist Captains in teaching them the ways of becoming a future general.
  • Generals must assist Captains in keeping the lists updated, due the 15th of each month. Generals handle minor issues within their squads, alongside Investigators. They are to communicate with their clan leader. Must be a General for 3 months before the ability for promotion becomes available. They are expected to have a squad split ready with a TRAINED replacement for promotion. Must be active on discord and be replying to messages in a timely manner!


  • Clan Leader; (This rank is not a rank we automatically promote to.) Clan Leaders oversee everything. A key responsibility for leaders is to be available throughout the week to receive and listen to any new ideas or issues within their clan alongside their generals. They are expected to help witness promotions and help with interviews! Professionalism and leading by example are expected and required. They are the moderators for their clan. They are expected to create necessary channels for their communities and send the screenshots to their section leaders upon deletion. They are also expected to update the clan log with proper format for their Captains and Generals.


  • Section Leader; (This rank is not a rank we automatically promote to.) Section Leaders are in charge of any/all clans within the community. An 8 month TIC (Time in Community) is require for eligibility of such a rank. A SL must make themselves available throughout the week for any issues or ideas from members or leadership. You must attend 1 meeting with leadership a week, and host a Section meeting once a month. You are expected to help with moderation of all clans and remove / warn offenders if rules are broken. You are expected to be active in gaming as well as discord.

Why join RNG?


Well, for one, as one of the LGBTQIA+ leaders, we are inclusive! And it is not just limited to /MY/ community. Truthfully, after many years of gaming with a niche group of friends, I am delighted to have finally found a community that is sincerely inclusive of different personalities, races, cultures, etc. As one of the newer leaders, I am proud to represent a group of various beliefs, cultures, sexual orientations, and gender identities.


If you feel inclined to know more information or wish to join, please do not hesitate to message me on Discord (callmevi). This also applies if you have any questions, concerns, or other inquiries. I look forward to hearing from and gaming with each and every one of you! May all your hits be crits! – Lieutenant Vi / Neff