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Rogue Paradox Gaming

Rogue Paradox Gaming

Hey! Are you tired of being queued with randoms? Are you looking for a gaming community that treats others like family? Rogue Paradox Gaming is a gaming community looking for members to join our family!

Our mission –

At Rogue Paradox Gaming , our mission is to provide gamers a safe haven that allows them to game, grow, and build long-lasting friendships. Founded in June 2019, RPG was created to give gamers the home they deserve without having to worry about the stress of strict rules, strict staff, etc. RPG Is a chilled & laid-back gaming community that was built to give gamers the experience they deserve.

What we offer -Rogue Paradox gaming

has a lot to offer everyone in our server. As a community, we want to try to provide the best experience possible for our server members.

  • Gamenights
  • Workshops
  • Meetings
  • Departments you can join
  • Member feedback
  • Custom made profile pics by our graphics team

What are the requirements to join? –

Rogue Paradox Gaming has a specific list of requirements you must meet in order to join

  • Must be at least 18 years of age (Unless approved by the Board of Directors)
  • Must have discord – As a source of communication
  • Multi-Platform based – Xbox, PC, PlayStation, Switch, etc
  • Must have a Mic

What are you waiting for? Want to start your adventure with ROGUE PARADOX GAMING – Contact us for more info!



1. No Cheating

Cheating is not permitted ; We strive to be a legitimate community. We define cheating as any activity that gives an advantage over other players in a competitive or multiplayer setting such as programs (aimbot, wallhacks, lag switches) modified hardware (rapid-fire controller mods, etc…) or influencing the outcome of a tournament (having referees lie or make biased calls). This rule does not apply to methods that affect personal gaming experiences, such as single player games. 


2. Dual Clanning

Members are expected to remain loyal to the community, its members. As a result, being in multiple gaming clans is not allowed.



3. Chain of Command

RPG : uses a quasi‐military rank structure. Members are expected to respect their chain of command when dealing with issues; However, we have an “open door policy”. If the issues persist, or if the issue is with the leadership members are allowed to jump rank to address the problem. – If you feel that your problem is not being solved feel free to approach your community leaders. 


4. Clan Participation

Members should be encouraged to participate in any events, game nights and in Discord chats. Communication is important for the community to function. We will not remove members due to inactivity – Real life comes first.



5. No Solicitation

Solicitation- the act of asking for or trying to obtain something from someone. This means that members are not permitted to attempt to buy or sell anything from/to other members. We are a community, not a marketplace.



6. Respect

RPG is an all-inclusive community, be respectful to all members regardless of rank, skill level, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc… It is asked that members remain professional when interacting with one another. If there are issues that cannot be solved on a personal level, bring it up to your chain of command.


7. Membership

RPG is an “invite only” community. This means that membership is not guaranteed and can be terminated at any time. The minimum requirements to join RPG are: Members of RPG must be 18+, Additionally if members are aged 16 they will have to be approved by the heads of  The community.



8. Never leave a RPG member behind

This requires members in RPG to provide the same experience that members provide you


9. Property

Stealing or damaging the property or Online Data of RPG members is strictly prohibited (LOADOUTS .LOGOS .MAP EST.NAMESAKES. Or alternative discord In a malicious way in any form )


10. poaching 

Poaching is categorically prohibited and just looks tacky on your part.


11. Pride In RPG Membership 

Members of RPG take pride in their membership & are

encouraged, but not required, to change their gamertag to

represent RPG (ex. RPGxLYCAN)


12. Just have fun

Remember this is a hobby that is meant to be fun, our goal is to offer a safe place for all gamers to have fun.