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Odyssey Gaming

Odyssey Gaming

At it’s core, Odyssey Gaming is a competitive gaming organization that focuses on multiple tiers of gaming across multiple titles while also providing a fun, relaxed, and inclusive community for gamers and content creators of all ages and skill levels. We are not just just a group of gamers with a discord, we are a organization that will do the proper legwork to enter legitimate competitions while handling the administrative and day to day tasks so that our players can focus on what they love to do, play.

On the casual side our goal is to create a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive space for players of all ages and skill level to come hang out and play. Members are encouraged to chat with other people who share similar interests, make new friends, partake in community game sessions, free giveaways, sponsored content, and more! There is no skill level required to partake in our game nights and events, which makes it perfect for players just starting out or who are looking for a community where they can play without being judged. We are also building our community with content creators, so we welcome small streamers who are looking to expand their brand. Our idea here is that we can all grow together and make this community the best possible community that it can be!

On the competitive side, our goal is to connect with players looking to enter the competitive scene, build rosters from this player-base, and enter and win tournaments. Winning tournaments will allow for players to receive prize money while also gaining viewership and attraction for the organization. We will compete in many competitive ladders with and without prizes in the hopes of advancing our teams to higher levels of gameplay. Our players are encouraged to build their own brand while they are here, and our organization hopes to give players entering the scene a platform to gain experience and exposure, moving them onward to advance their careers as gamers.