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Los Santos Sinaloa Cartel

Los Santos Sinaloa Cartel

(XBOX ONE/OG) Los Santos Sinaloa Cartel

Don’t let the name fool you; we’re actually very friendly to our members. We are a completely new crew, ran by experienced leaders. Leader has been leading crews since 2013. Highly skilled in PvP, we will kill any griefers however possible. With the upcoming update (July 19th,2022) the Oppressor MKII will be nerfed, and people will be able to sell MC businesses in invite-only sessions. Our crew believes this means people who are in a public lobby consent to PvP, and thus if they kill someone, we will kill them repeatedly until they leave. Join us for fun lobby-stomping, help with sales or heists, or to just hang out with super positive and friendly people. And if you’re already in a crew, there’s no need to change tags. We accept everyone into our crew, however if a crewmate kills you while you’re not wearing tags, ask them to stop.


Message BBB the Bee on Xbox for fastest invite to the crew!

discord optional
tags optional
no destroying anyone’s cargo in the lobby