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Libertas Legion

Libertas Legion

Founded in 2015, the Libertas Legion is an international multigaming community exclusive to the PC. Operating under our Cuntstitution, this sets our guidelines for all members New or Old regardless of status or position, we are all equally worthless. We actively promote freedom of speech, expression and bring you unrestricted humor and gameplay. What separates us from the other groups and communities out there is we are primarily structured on members making their own place among the team and providing players with a tight knit community with strong social and gaming benefits, this does mean that we are not for everyone and would prefer those who appreciate the team and community based values, as we will not pander nor babysit members as we do not support malingering. 



Our games and what we play will vary from time to time depending on the current mood among the group or any games that get suggested by members or what we can get people on in terms of clan support or multiple players. We have Community Ops channels for suggesting games and bringing new games into the fold and you will find that majority of members will have the games you want to play.

If you believe we are for you then please fill out an Application Form and Recruiters will get back to you.