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Angels of Death - COD Division

Angels of Death - COD Division

The Angels of Death is looking for members to join its ranks!! We currently officially support MW2 and Warzone as far as Call of Duty goes. We are a non-skill-based community with the main goal is to maximize fun in the same way that the clan has since 1999. We are a multi game community with 9 supported titles. Currently we have around 140 members in the COD division alone, and we are always looking for new members. If you are interested feel free to throw in an application at clanaod.net and we will get ahold of you when someone is available to get you signed up. ClanAOD. net

We do not use discord as our main form of chat. We use a lower latency (and lighter on your system) chat service called TeamSpeak. PC players can get it free. Unfortunately, any one on console will have to use a paid mobile app (1-2$) or have a laptop available to chat.

No regional lock. But the clan is English speaking.

My discord is: DNAevolved115#4940 if you would like to check us out a little more before deciding to join! If you are from Europe, then RogueHunter#6303 may be a more responsive contact.