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Alpha Five Assassins

Alpha Five Assassins

Welcome to The Realm of AFA

Alpha five Assassins [AFA]

was established in 2019 from Division 2 into multi-gaming Organization Brand. Based in UK but is open globally to all gamers, streamers to make connections.

History of AFA they conquered and a name for themselves , Tom Clancys Division 2 was the one they marked Raids wins, carries and taught many the mechanics. Over 200 followers and supported them and allies with top clans. AFA become in top 50 and in Top 100 for Raids.

Tournaments wise they some individual achievements over many titles.



Alpha Five Assassins (AFA) is a vibrant and inclusive multi-gaming community and clan, uniting players across various FPS titles and other games. Our community features esports teams for competitive tournaments and leagues, along with special programs tailored for streamers.

In addition to our gaming activities, we regularly host engaging weekly events and community nights, providing opportunities for members to come together, socialize, and enjoy shared gaming experiences. We eagerly welcome those who meet our criteria to become part of our vibrant and diverse community.


To apply visit our website and fill in our Application form.