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7Th Rangers Regiment

7Th Rangers Regiment

The 7th Rangers Regiment is a US-based casual mil-sim community that aims to bring players together (experienced or new) through camaraderie to enjoy our common passion of gaming with an emphasis on tactical shooters and Mil-Sims due to our heavy Military/Veteran membership. Squad is the main focus of the community, but we have many subcategories. We have a top 50 NA ranked 100 slot dedicated public server ({7th} 7th Rangers – Operation Quicksilver) and in addition we host and attend weekly events with other allied Squad clans. These events provide a more structured and tactical gaming experience as you are led through battle by seasoned squad leaders.

What we are looking for:

  1. Players that enjoy playing games with teamwork and that focus on having fun and winning.

  2. Players who are seeking a dedicated group to compete against other clans and want to be part of a Squad focused community. (War Thunder, Arma3, Ready or Not, World War 3 and more.)

  3. Like minded gamers who want to be a part of a community who holds camaraderie and values over numbers.


  • Speak English

  • Must be 16 or older

  • No location requirements (We have members from NA, EU, Australia, Singapore, etc.)

  • Microphone is required

Events & Trainings

  • Dedicated Squad Trainings and Event Server – {7th} 7th Rangers – Trainings & Events

  • We have a dedicated Events team that work to create fun and exciting operations/events. We host our own clan vs clan events as well actively participate in other community’s events on a weekly basis. We have also developed multiple trainings that will give you the tools you need to play with advanced strategies and game knowledge.

How to Join 7th Rangers:

Once you join our Discord, read and follow the directions in the welcome message that you’ll be tagged in, in #new-recruits. Don’t forget to request an interview in #interview-requests so you can join 7th Rangers.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Ranger?
Discord: https://discord.gg/7thrangers