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XDIA | Private Community

XDIA | Private Community

Once BackGround Checks are completed, You'll be invited to our MAIN HQ |Private Community|
Once BackGround Checks are completed, You’ll be invited to our MAIN HQ |Private Community|

Defense Intelligence Agency |XDIA| – Clandestine Surveillance Group is a PC/NextGen group that was created in Feb 2016. The 0205 Agency began its history on GTA V/BF4/GRW-GRB. Our agency works as the “Umbrella Organization” of many other Agencies directives. It is built from a community of military enthusiasts and personnel aiming to provide entertainment to its members through the enjoyment of a casual yet controlled realism environment. 0205/XNSA/XDIA is known for helping groups/crews/Zergs in need of aid by Providing strategic information ~ Group Development ~ Miscellaneous/Clandestine Services.

Recruitment Directive:
We’re Patiently Searching For A(n) OLD Crowd Back When games such as **”SOCOM” & “MGS”** were thriving, Or People Who Enjoy That Sort Of Gaming; We Value Quality More Than Quantity. **__{It’s a “Privilege to get accepted, Not a Right”}__**

[Operations Overview]
We’re Actively Searching For People Who Enjoy Tactical Realism Within The Game Of All Forms(As We Aren’t as strict when it involves PvE MOC’s/Operations & Etc…), Also the effort to train future “Content Creators” who decide/choose their new path with DIA.

**Everything Is Earned, Patience Is A Virtue**