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Veterans 8

Veterans 8

Veterans8 is currently recruiting players on all platforms and all timezones.  We are a primarily US based clan, but have players from across the world. We’re looking for players that want to be active with others in the clan through regular team-ups and chats. We’re also currently looking for players that like to actively help others as PVE/PVP endgame sherpas, and would be interested in being a part of our developing sherpa team. Here’s our requirements:

• 18+
• Join our Discord (link provided upon joining the clan)
• Have a mic
• Be active (minimum activity upkeep is monthly; we do work with players that communicate any needed absences due to life, work, etc)
• Zero toxicity (humor is ok, but things that are inappropriate or toxic towards others are not ok- know the difference and respect others)
• 2 week trial period for full clan member status (join some chats & team-ups, make some friends!)

If you’re interested, upvote/post a message below and apply to the clan through the below link! You can also DM anyone on the leadership team, and we’ll respond as quick as we can!