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UNSC Head Trauma Fleet

UNSC Head Trauma Fleet

We want you, Soldier! UNSC Head Trauma Fleet is now recruiting!
Who are we? 
We are a Halo Reach based clan that holds regular events, like raids, training, socials and Team Tacs. We have active staff, and we will welcome you with open arms. Join now, and fight the good fight!
Available Regiments:
> 36th Regiment: OPEN
> 116th Regiment: Class Based
> Spartans: Conditions apply
> – MCC
> – Wear Uniform
> – Working Mic
> – Follow Orders
For more info contact on Xbox or Discord


> Zattlebone#1113
> thesnakeguy#7014
> Its Rain#9292

> Zattlebone
> Thesquarecow
> Raining BTW
We’ll see you on the battlefield, Soldier.

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