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United Armed Forces Conglomerate

United Armed Forces Conglomerate

The United Armed Forces Conglomerate is actively recruiting Xbox GTA players (One and Series consoles) to join our ranks. The UAFC is a PvP and PvE military simulation group known for its structured organization, engaging operations, and exciting events/wars. Operating in a unique space among similar groups, the UAFC engages in free mode battles, community events, and more. In the absence of mods like FiveM on consoles, the UAFC strives to deliver the most realistic experience possible within the constraints of GTA Online’s default gameplay. We provide a range of roles and opportunities across our three divisions: the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, combining realistic military elements with the virtual playground of GTA Online for a compelling and enjoyable experience.

Whether your interest lies in piloting jets or helicopters, maneuvering tanks or APCs, or serving as an infantry soldier, the UAFC offers a fresh outlook on playing GTA Online. Our community’s foundation is built on teamwork, respect, and shared objectives, and has been thriving as an organization since 2018.

For more detailed information, visuals, and more, visit our website at https://uafc.community/

To join, the simplest way is through our community Discord server at https://discord.gg/EuH6FRrKXN

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