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Trail Warriors Gaming Community (also an MC and Outlaw Gang)

Trail Warriors Gaming Community (also an MC and Outlaw Gang)

A friendly place for all types of gamers with a focus on GTA and Red Dead.

Learn more…

Looking for fun events, good people and help in GTA, Red Dead and other games? Join the Trail Warriors Gaming Community on PlayStation, we’re searching for new members to join our GTA motorcycle club and Red Dead outlaw gang in particular!

Our clan is managed by a kind and welcoming group of leaders. We’d be glad to welcome you in and make you feel like an instant addition to our family. You can either join for just the general gaming community (which is for the more casual gamers) or join the clubs on either GTA or Red Dead for a more involved experience. It’s a very fun ride either way!

Requirements to join…

Age 18+, Discord, mic, submit an application on the website (see link just below).

The GTA MC is PS5 only and Red Dead is PS4 or PS5.

Apply to join on our website – https://www.trailwarriors.org/

Watch the latest promo videos…

GTA – https://m.youtube.com/watch?


Red Dead – https://youtu.be/hkqS4suXdHU