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The Olympus Group

The Olympus Group

Olympus Group Gaming was founded with a mission to provide a safe and welcoming space for gamers who felt disenfranchised and excluded from the mainstream gaming community. The Founders and admins of Olympus Group Gaming recognized the need for a community that celebrated diversity and inclusivity, and they set out to create a space where gamers of all backgrounds could come together to enjoy their shared passion for gaming.

As the community grew, the Founders and admins of Olympus Group Gaming began to notice that many games lacked a cohesive narrative and world-building. They saw an opportunity to create something truly unique and special by building their own fictional universe that integrated the story of each game they played into a larger, overarching narrative using the fictitious “Olympus Corp.” as the main tie-in cross titles..

This idea was embraced by the community, and over time, Olympus Group Gaming became known for its immersive, story-driven approach to gaming. With each new game, the community would work together to weave the game’s story and characters into the larger Olympus Group Gaming universe, creating a rich and vibrant world that was entirely their own.

Today, Olympus Group Gaming continues to thrive as a community that celebrates diversity and creativity, with a focus on building engaging, immersive worlds that unite gamers from all walks of life. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or simply someone who loves to explore new worlds and stories, Olympus Group Gaming offers a welcoming and supportive community where you can connect with others who share your passion

Olympus Group Gaming is excited to announce that we are currently working on expanding our gaming universe by building a PATH OF TITANS server with our own original lore to support it. Additionally, we are dedicated to rebuilding our GTA ONLINE presence by establishing a functional RP team that will help carry us into the next title. Our ultimate goal is to enter GTA6 with a strong and committed team to grind with.

We are looking for passionate individuals to join our admin team who are truly obsessed with their respective divisions. As we play multiple games, the more immersed you are in the gaming world, the better. We encourage our members to engage in storytelling and character development, as we strive to create an immersive and engaging environment for all.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that we have recently begun breaking ground in Destiny 2, and our experienced veterans are more than happy to provide support and guidance for any newcomers.

At Olympus Group Gaming, we pride ourselves on our commitment to inclusivity and diversity within our community, and we welcome all gamers who share our passion for immersive, story-driven gameplay. If you are interested in joining our community, please don’t hesitate to reach out and get involved!