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The Mancuso Family

The Mancuso Family

Join the Mancuso Family in the City of Los Santos

Looking for a life of thrill, power, and brotherhood? The Mancuso Family welcomes you to our tight-knit community in the world of GTA 5 FiveM 70โ€™s Retro Roleplay.
What we offer:

  • Lucrative criminal enterprises
  • Unrivaled camaraderie
  • Gun yet Intense roleplay experiences
  • Rise through the ranks and carve your legacy


  • Semi-Serious/Serious role-players only
  • Loyalty and commitment
  • Willingness to uphold the family’s honor and code
  • PC
  • GTA 5
  • FiveM
  • Willingness to follow both family rules and server rules.

How to join:

Slide into our Discord: https://discord.gg/dj2CACwjyC Let them know you’re ready to become part of the Mancuso legacy by writing a little introduction on yourself and why you think youโ€™d be a good fit.

Dare to step into the shadows, where the streets are our canvas, and power is our masterpiece. Mancuso Family awaits.

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