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The Friendly Neighbourhood Oligarchs

The Friendly Neighbourhood Oligarchs

TFNO, or the Friendly Neighbourhood Oligarchs, was created to make it possible for members to do overworld missions and businesses without worrying about hackers or griefers.

The idea is fairly simple – all overworld activities are now available in closed crew sessions, so since rockstar can’t moderate the public servers we might as well make our own. Join the closed crew session and sell there, so that you can still receive the in demand bonuses without the risk of griefing or hacking that permeate the public servers.

As we’re still small the benefits aren’t quite there yet, but by joining and spreading the clan you can help ensure that the sessions will soon be full enough for proper selling.


Rules for crew sessions are as simple as they are effective:

No hacking

No griefing

PVP is of course still available when all involved parties are okay with it, but not in such a way as to actively destroy players enjoyment or ability to make money.