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The Dropshock Corps

The Dropshock Corps

🔥 Enlist with BOS Dropshock – Drop. Shock. Victory. Repeat! 🚀


🎮 We proudly declare – we’re not a milsim. At BOS Dropshock, our Spartans revel in the fast-paced, yet laid-back gaming sessions reminiscent of the legendary LAN parties from the golden days of Halo 2. No demanding time commitments, no soulless uniforms, no toxic ranks—just unbridled victory!


Down to the Nitty Gritty:


🎮 Primary Game Playlists:


  • Team/Social Slayer
  • Big Team Battle
  • Squad Battle
  • Tactical Slayer
  • Ranked


🎮 Dedicated Game Nights can include:


  • Crazy Customs
  • 2v2 Terrors
  • Ranked Practice
  • Playlist Roulette
  • …got an idea? Join us and pitch it!

💪 No Limits: In Halo Infinite, nothing is off the table. You name it, we’ll drop on it. Our Spartans are ready for any challenge, any terrain and any playlist. 


📜 Requirements:


  • Age 18+
  • Active participation in our Discord server (Msg for Invite!)
  • Halo Infinite Spartan Service Tag must proudly read ‘DROP’ when gaming with fellow clan members. 

🔍 Vetting Process:


Join our Discord community and play alongside any current member of Dropshock for vetting. We believe in camaraderie, community and having a blast together!


If you’re tired of rigid structures and suffocating hierarchies just for a chance at gaming friends… Ditch ‘em. Get back to the days of fun-packed gaming sessions with BOS Dropshock. Join us, drop in, shock the enemy, and celebrate victory without the unnecessary fuss.


Ready to Join the Drop? Message us for your Discord invite, Spartan! 🎮🔥🚀

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