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Th3 Goonies

Th3 Goonies

Th3 Goonies is mainly a Destiny 2 clan that is opening its doors for new membership, back in the process of rebuilding. I intend to create an environment where people can belong, and not have to worry about their skill or anything like that. Membership wise, planning to have it a small core of players (Maybe a bit more) , and have recently purged the clan to start over with a clean slate. We look after our own, troll at times, because why not. There’s no required skill level to join, All is welcome to join, including those who feel they don’t fit in elsewhere, no matter your race, gender, and so on. It’s what Goons do. The rules are simple to follow, if you think you’ll fit in, then feel free to join our Discord to request membership. Also worth noting, is that even if you have not raided in Destiny 2 before, that’s fine, we’ll take as long as needed to help those who want to learn.


  •  Must have a mic.
  •  Discord required. Makes communicating heaps better.
  •  Must be in the North American/UK region.
  •  Must be at least 18 years old.
  •  Be cool and be fun to play the game with. Friendly, non-toxic environments are just better.


We do everything from Raids, Nightfalls, other events, etc.

Our clan page on Bungie for Destiny 2 and our Discord server link is listed at the bottom. Joining up is easy and we hope to have you with us.

Discord ID: Smok3y-Bull3t#5687