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Team 1Take

Team 1Take

Team 1Take

  • Competitive
  • Casual

Whether you’re looking to advance your esports career or join a friendly community 1Take is here for you.

We don’t tolerate toxicity. Toxic people are warned and kicked to keep a friendlier community.

#EpicPartner Code: 1Take.ggs in the FN item shop!

If you’re looking to play with a consistent group our competitive scene might be right for you. Once you join our rosters you have an option to becoming a captain for a team, or a player for a team. We put you guys through tournaments to with $ prizes.

If your looking for a friendly community 1Take is definitely right for you. We believe positivity is the right activity. So our community is filled with happy nice people.

If you’re looking to help run 1Take we offer staff positions. Before you are a staff you must recruit 10 people into our discord. (We provide resources to help with that.) Once you are a staff you have the opportunity at becoming a manager, an event director, senior staff, management, a board member, or at becoming one of our executives.

Some events that we host can be for Fortnite, Minecraft, minigame events (among us, kahoot, scribble), and movie night events where we all chill in a vc and watch a movie together.

We also have fun bots for our discord server that makes being a member that much better!

If you have any recommendations or questions on what were doing don’t be afraid to ask our staff! You can do this by creating a ticket as soon as you join our server! 

Once you join our server make sure to get your roles! Don’t forget to upvote us on lookingforclan. Good luck! Make sure to give full responses in your application if you want to make it in!


^^^ Join our discord if you want to join 1Take!