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Tango Smash Gaming

Tango Smash Gaming

Welcome to TSG!

We are an open minded community of players that are rough around the edges. Our Clan members consist of players mainly from the Central Standard Time (CST) zone, with a few exceptions such as a Nightshift players who tend to get on very early in the morning when they get off work.

We have recently purged a lot of inactive players, and we are looking for players of all skill level! Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not start here! We are focused on having fun, but also getting ready for end-game content.


We are a laid back group that loves to crack jokes and swear, so we do recommend players be at least 18 years old. The ages we have are around the 20-30 range, and we have new players and returning players alike. We have players who are full time college students, parents, and full time workers so we understand that life comes first. That doesn’t mean we are not active! Our small numbers keep us from showing how active we are, but we have consistently hit Clan Level 6 for several years.

We give everyone a two week evaluation period, where players can test the waters and see if this clan is the right fit. If not, that’s perfectly fine! All of our members are required to be willing to teach content, so that means we are a group that focuses on helping each other out!

The clan is run by myself and my husband, who actually met during the original Taken King Raid back in Destiny 1. He and I take the game a bit more seriously, and are gearing up for Grandmaster nightfalls but we also have more casual players.


We are currently forming raid groups. We have two Main groups, which we call Tango and Whiskey. Our Tango Team is building up to be our World’s First Raid Race team, so they are heavily into the Master and Grandmaster level PvE Content. We are currently looking for a leader for this team.

Whiskey is our Nightshift team, which is usually the team that raids casually or in the very early hours. They are the weekend raiders, and are the feeder group for the Tango Team. Our Raid leaders for this team are currently DoTheTango and Shadowdave.

We encourage raiders to join our clan, or even members who want to raid but never have gotten the chance! We are also developing a team where we partner with other smaller clans to help them get their raid engrams and completions each week.


We are currently developing our own Clan eSports like league that will be held annually for our members. We plan to extend it to other clans as well once it is more developed. However, our tournaments usually have special limitations to them (like our shotgun only, no radar clash called “Shotgun Smash”) so that they seem a bit different and fun to play. Yes, we even will include prizes as the clan grows. We make sure to follow all of Bungie’s rules though when it comes to that kind of thing.

At this time, we do not have a designated Trials team. That doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for one though! We are working to build Fireteam Alpha, our high skilled team that will participate in Tournaments and do Trials.

We do have a PvP Leader, BeastInTheWay, who is very excited about building up players of all skill level. He even plans to run scrimmages with clan members to help improve their skills as Crucible players.


Due to our clan spanning more than one platform, we do require Discord for all members to use. The server might look empty when you join, but once you have accepted the rules you will be given permission to look at the server as a whole and access the talk channels.

Holiday Breaks

We like to make sure our players get to spend time with their loved ones. That’s why we encourage players to take the holidays off the game, and take breaks as needed. Our activity checks happen each season, but we give you at least two seasons to return to the game. You may be removed from the in-game clan, but we do not remove you from the discord just in case you do want to get back into the game with us.