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Storm Claws

Storm Claws

hey, we are a small crew which has 2 different sides. One side is an MC and the other is a Mafia. this way theres both bikes and cars to suit everyones needs and desires. I’m VP of the MC world and my psn is MAN_CANYON46. if you have any direcnt questions please add me and ask me and ill reply ASAP.

There are some basic rules not big or scary ones but ill sum up the main few we have.

16+ plus. 99% of our club is over 18 but we understand that just because your not as old doesnt mean you shouldn’t get a shot. so we offer anyone who is 16+ plus a chance to join and see how we like them and we like you.

Must have a mic. this is a basic rule we have due to the fact that without one its hard to communicate.


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