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Sons of Leuven Motorcycle Club

Sons of Leuven Motorcycle Club

Sons of Leuven MC – EST. 2018 – Recruiting

We are a 1% motorcycle club on GTA established three years ago. Since that time the club has been through a lot, but it has always endured and offered a home for those seeking true brotherhood and a worthy direction for their loyalty.

The Sons of Leuven MC offers a unique type of gameplay that leaves room for messing around, but also demands discipline and respect from its members. We call ourselves old school as we stick to certain principles that stood above all else in the beginning days of the MC community on GTA.

We claim a territory that we will fiercely defend, we abide by the 1% with no exception and we do things our own way.

When it comes to new blood the motto “quality over quantity” is written in our DNA. We look for those few players that have what it takes. Guys with an understanding of what loyalty means, with an affinity towards biker culture, with a willingness to learn and of course knows how to have a good time.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDiMwp5MfSw

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