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SnH Crew

SnH Crew

Hello Everyone, we are SnH Crew.

A Multi-Gaming Crew that uses the abbreviation SnH with different names to fit the game that we’re playing.

The goal of the crew is to create a place of like-minded individuals who aren’t too serious about the games that we play, and that still wish to explore all content without the elitism that comes with most End-game crews.

In total, we’re just over 250 members right now from the age groups 15-60 years old and we play the following games together:

Grand Theft Auto: (Sales n Heists Crew, around 190 members Sales n Heists – Rockstar Games Social Club

This is our oldest “chapter” of the crew. right now the crew changed a bit because of the changes in the game itself, however, we used to be the richest legit trading and heist crew on PC. hosting daily safe lobbies(no random people, no modders, no griefers). with the come of CAYO update last year the sales have slowed down as most people just run that heist for their money income but we still do play and have fun together.

Currently we are looking for GTA members, and people who wish to help out hosting different kinds of events, and a bit of E-sport like tournaments.

League of Legends(EUW):

Our league of legends chapter has just started and is going strong with currently 40 playing members from all ranks. we mostly play together for fun in unrankeds however we do wish to create more teams to play a bit more seriously as well.

For our LoL chapter we’re looking for members of all ranks, and are open for more team-coaches/team-leaders as well.

Warframe (SnH Crew):

This chapter has just started and is still in the baby-phase, and we’re building a new clan and progressing through the game together. The goal is to enjoy the game together and just generally have fun.

we’re looking for members and recruiters.

Elder Scrolls Online: (Sneaky n Homicidal Crew)

This chapter has just started and is still in the baby-phase.
The goal of our ESO Chapter is to cater to our MMORPG fans, and play the game as it’s meant to be played: With people who create their own characters and playstyles and still want to explore all the content together without the elitism and certain builds that are required by some of the end-game guilds.

This guild will base on mainly exploration, small group pve, small group pvp and by progressing through the trials together in a laid-back setting.

Chapters of games that we once had and were thriving but have closed down:
Ark: Alpha tribe on 12 servers.
RDO: The game died out
BF2042: Game boycotted by player base
Minecraft: Build a world, got old and we moved to ark.
Among us: Fun little game but only ocassionally.
Dauntless: We closed this chapter to move to ark and play with bigger dino’s.

we have a short sign up form, this is a google docs form. only the questions with * are required(asks basic info like discord name, which of our games you play and if you agree on following the rules). after you click on submit it gives you the invite to our discord. https://bit.ly/JoinSnH