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Seal Team 22

Seal Team 22

ST22 is recruiting active and mature players, that like to communicate, have fun, and play the objective.                

-Have you been interested in or been in a Mil-Sim team before?

-Do you have a mic?

-Are you at least 16 years or age? (This can be waived, due to shown maturity)

-Are you willing to join a new community and help it grow, while buildings friendships with the members?

As a Mil-Sim, we have set rules, chain of command, and rank structure. There are no weapon restrictions or rules of gameplay unless we are running a private match operation/training.

We do not allow anyone who cheats, or exploits the game.

We are currently looking for staff members, as well and general members.

We are looking for members both in the North America and European regions!

Our discord is: https://discord.gg/9tgNPehu