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Royal Flu§h

Royal Flu§h

Royal Flu§h


Discord required


Clan lvl 6

Non toxic

21+ North America based



Please join our discord chat for clan invite. We are currently recruiting active members to do raids and endgame content with us that has discord. Please have at least 5 raid clears in any raid to join


Link to discord chat



Witch queen expansion required


We are an adult endgame raiding clan that also does new and old season content, pinnacle activates, and pvp/trials.


We use discord to communicate with each other to set up groups for raids or PVP. There is almost always someone online and Discord is a great matchmaking tool for people that want to group up to do specific activities. Discord is also used to just talk strats, talk stats, share content, or hang out with everyone.


Please ask for a clan invite in discord. We kick after a month of inactivity. If you have been kicked or plan on taking a break from playing Destiny 2 please let us know.


Link to clan

  1. https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupId=487134