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Hope you are having a good day!

I am a COD veteran that has been looking for a mature, active group that is helpful with all the necessary tools to succeed in the game. After looking left and right for groups that have all the characteristics I need I decided my best opportunity was to create a community that encompasses all aspects most of us are looking for.

Enter ROMA! Why ROMA? Well I am a history nerd and since I was a kid it has been a place that stirs incredible emotions and admiration, plus I think that a community that shares characteristics, ranks with the Roman Empire is incredibly cool.

We welcome all gamers that are respectful, helpful and are willing to communicate in our Discord server to team up and game with team mates. Our server has all the tools you will need to succeed in and out of COD, we also have a couple of extra games there for those that want a breather from our main game (Diablo 4/Starfield).

We are accepting gamers above 21 years of age with a working headset and can communicate in English.

This is a brand new clan so please be patient as we grow our numbers in anticipation for future COD titles like Modern Warfare 3, We are also looking for folks with good leadership/organizational skills to be part of our leadership team.

-Our in game group is called ROMA and it is a must join for all members to have a hub to best team up.
-Our clan tag is ROMA, please add those to your in game name. Again this is mandatory to easy ID our members when in game.

-Joining our Discord server is mandatory for communication purposes. Here is the link: https://discord.gg/SvHPtFFdRs

Thank you! Hope to be able to game with you soon!