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Reapers Regiment

Reapers Regiment

About us •
Reapers Regiment is a active and dedicated discord community. We constantly strive to deliver the most fun and enjoyable experiences between users in our discord. Anyone and everyone is welcome to take part in our community where you can meet new people and have a good time. We are Reapers Regiment offer events in different games that we play, ranging from Squad to Ghost of Tabor, and recently DayZ and Arma.
• What we expect •
We do ask that all clan members and clan recruits be active at least once per week in the discord or “present” in the discord, by talking in chats, inviting friends, participating in squad trainings, and much more! However, our biggest rule is that family, life, and job comes first, hence why we do not discriminate on low attendance from regular members, we do however require you to speak at the very least decent English and show some form of maturity in your actions. Perception is reality, meaning activity equals position accommodation.
• Clan requirements •
• 15+ or older.
• Mature.
• Working mic.
• The benefits of joining the clan are as follows: •
• An opportunity to attend organized clan vs clan events.
• A dedicated and persistent staff team.
• A very friendly community for both new and experienced players.
• Persistent and common events and activities as a group.

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