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Ministry of defence

Ministry of defence

MINISTRY OF DEFENSIVE OPERATIONS AND FOREIGN AFFAIRS requirements/ -over lv 100 -over 100 mil earned -know how to run cayo -know how to run casino -able to wear one of the crew outfits that matches ur role WHAT WE NEED / WANT


What we can do / -help u earn money and lvs -big sells -grinding -pvp -server killing -crew wars -airshows -formation flying -crew infighting -crew sell missions -car meets -aircraft meet -aircraft flyovers and shows -military parades -and all other fun things DM me for more info on my crew the modofa ( ministry of defensive operations and foreign affairs Might be asleep when you see this so just give me some time Everyone is welcome EU , NA , OCEANIA , ASIA , AFRICA Be there or be square Crew outfits are based upon some of the special operations of the world Serbian caj outfit
More to come (Winter , sea , air , desert, forest , can also send me pics and I’ll make them ) Thx for reading we hope you decide to rule the servers with us


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