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Midnight Wolves

Midnight Wolves


Founded in 2017 Midnight Wolves is an 18+ casual gaming community. We consider our members a family. We are a cross-platform gaming community that invites you to jump in, relax, and meet new friends, all in a welcoming, non-toxic space. The community features Apex Legends, movie nights, giveaways, and other activities such as discord bot games.

Website: https://www.midnightwolvesgaming.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/midnightwolves


ChaoticWolf – Founder (NA)
Roadz – Lead Admin (NA)
DrTeaHSee – Moderator (CAN)
HectorWK – Moderator (AU)
SoYLive  Moderator (EU)


We have members from all over the globe, but we are heavily based in North America. We are currently looking to expand our EU region member base.


Our community feels small and personal. We are heavily based in the NA region so our server typically gets a little quieter overnight. However, we do have a very fast-growing EU member base. The community is most active during the NA afternoon and evening hours as well as the weekends.


We recently hit our member goal of 500 members. However, we are continuing to grow our community. You’re free to invite any friends you have or anyone you meet along the way you feel would be a great addition to the community.


Enter our Discord, to become a member. No application – just follow our rules! Please make sure you have installed the Discord app before you click this link: https://discord.gg/midnightwolves

Midnight Wolves is not an eSports team!