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LS Police department

LS Police department

Interested in becoming an LSPD officer in Gta Online?.
Well, you´ve found the right community, we are a PC based anti griefer/ tryhards community, wich responds in a session when a player is unfairly killed or messed with, we basically act like the LSPD in its entirety, but we need more people since our goals are big. we use
Police Cars to move around and use different agencies, like, LSPD/FIB/NCIS, etc…
We also have a slowly growing player database, so that we can have a list of agressive modders or other especially bad players.
How do I apply?
Well, its very simple, and if you are a high level, you will be able to skip the applying phase, you just need to PVP one of the FIB officers, if they think you are good enough, they’ll let you in.
1.- Active user.
2.- Prision Guard outfits.
3.- Level 80+

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