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Kath's Scorpion Legion

Kath's Scorpion Legion

We do not take the role play too seriously, however we still integrated some

roleplay elements to the crew.


Kath’s Scorpion Legion is a well structured crew, with ranks that are

achievable by every member.


We have our own unique style that includes outfits for different roles,

as well as a number of vehicles picked out to be used.

We are PVE focused crew, where most of our activates in sessions

are PVE missions.

However, if you much prefer PVP then don’t look away as

we still provide a lot of PVP action.

Even if we focus on PVE, being a militarised Crew means we are never

defenceless against griefers or trigger happy kids.

We are a very organised crew, with the aim to have the

strongest army in Los Santos.


There are various of roles that each member can take up.

Such as becoming a pilot, or perhaps a tank crewman.


Every session that we occupy will be well protected as

our strengths come from the numbers, and our strategies.

The way we operate is the first member in a public lobby

will become the COMMANDER.


Commander’s role is to take over the session and

command each member to a specific task.

This gives all members the chance to command their own

units, whether it is to keep the players protected from

any griefing activities that may take place,


or to command their units to help each other to

sell and resupply their businesses.

We understand that this crew have a lot of

restrictions, do this, do that,

wear this, drive that etc.

However we made sure that people can chose not to

participate as a soldier by simply not wearing their uniforms.

This releases them from duty which means they can do as they please,

however we still have base rules regardless if you are in uniform or not.

We manage and operate the crew on our Discord Server.

A lot of effort went into the development to 

our discord server, to make the most out of it.

We have all the information you need over there,

whether its the outfits you’re looking for


the vehicles that you may drive.

We tried to make it the easiest for the new members

to find their place within the crew, so they don’t just

wander around like lost puppies.

Applying to the crew is very easy.

You must join our Discord server and

contact one of the listed Recruiting Officers.

After that a quick chat will take place where we will

assess whether you are fit to join the crew, and to see

if you understand how the crew works.

Then on our Boot Camp Training Day, we shall train

you up to be ready to be part of Kath’s Scorpion Crew!



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