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Insomnia Gaming Community

Insomnia Gaming Community

[IN] Insomnia Gaming Community

As a community, we prioritize communication, teamwork during gaming and above all, FUN. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh recruit, we welcome players of all skill levels to join our community. Prepare for friendly scrimmages, community events, laughter, and a supportive environment where we focus on having a good time. Our dedicated members actively work together to enhance their gameplay, share strategies, and learn from one another. Join our passionate community and elevate your experience to new heights! We value camaraderie, strategic play, and above all, having a great time! Together, we’ll conquer and create gaming memories that will keep your adrenaline pumping. Join Insomnia and let the gaming adventure begin!

We offer:
An Active and Supportive Community
Skill Development
Competitive Opportunities
Fun-Filled Gaming
Variety Of Games Supported
Events Hosted Periodically
Clans/Groups are eligible for a ‘partnership’ of sorts.
The opportunity to shape a new community

What you have to bring with you:
Communication Skills
Team Player Mentality

Our squad servers:
[ENG] EU #1 | – INSOMNIA – TEAMPLAY – | discord.insomniagc.net |
[ENG] 24/7 INVASION EU #2 | – INSOMNIA – TEAMPLAY – | discord.insomniagc.net |
[ENG] EU | – INSOMNIA – | PRACTICE SERVER | discord.insomniagc.net |
[ENG] EU | – INSOMNIA – | EVENT SERVER | discord.insomniagc.net |

✯ Our squad servers feature map voting & Automatic seeding whitelist! ✯

Our Battlebit-Remastered Servers

#1 [EU] [ENG] – INSOMNIA – OFFICIAL PROGRESSION | discord.gg/insomniagc 127v127
#2 [EU] [ENG] – INSOMNIA – OFFICIAL PROGRESSION | discord.gg/insomniagc 64v64
#3 [EU] [ENG] – INSOMNIA – OFFICIAL PROGRESSION | discord.gg/insomniagc 32v32

We are a Europe based community, but not limited to any time zones (18+):