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We are a community with people that still play GTA Online to this day, despite the game being nearly a decade old, being riddled with bugs and becoming more monetized! We provide a variety of services, such as:

LFG channels. Do you want to find other people on your platform to play with? Use the LFG (Looking For Group) channels that can be found in the server that can only be unlocked after by only choosing your platform in the roles channel. Be prepared to receive a copious amount of “uselfg” messages if you do not comply to our server rules!

Trading. Do you want to trade your illegitimately modified vehicles with another Rockstar reprobate? This server might be the place for you! You might be able to find other various reprobates in this server that are willing to exchange illegal vehicles with you.

Glitching, Want to find out how to glitch into the compound storage on Cayo Perico? This server might be able to tell you how. As long as Rockstar doesn’t constantly keep patching glitches that get you more money, there might be more glitches that can be found with every consecutive buggy and lazy update!

Clan Finder. Our server is actually partnered with Clan Finder! Don’t ask me how they admins managed to do that, but that is an amazing feat considering the admins previously didn’t know how to run this server at all. You can use Clan Finder to find various gaming groups.