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GTA Uni For Grinders

GTA Uni For Grinders

This crew is for new players, veterans and everyone in between who are grinders or want to learn how to be grinders. I am one of those players who like to teach new players good ways to make money on GTA online. As such I named this crew GTA University For Grinders. I put Uni in the crew title instead of University because the text box on the social club didn’t have enough characters to write out the word University with the rest of the crew name. I named my crew this because I like to help people out especially new players and show them proper player etiquette when it comes to playing online. I also created this crew to include people who like to help others as well and for people who are looking for a group of friends to play with online. So I am looking for both newbies to the game who want to learn the ways of a grinder. I am also people in general who are returning to the game after not playing for a long time and want to learn the best ways to make money to buy all of the new shiny things that have been added since the last time you played. I am Looking for veteran grinders as well who have found success in grinding and are willing to help other players become grinders like them. This is also a place to make friends no matter the level. Also I will choose Veterans to be the crew’s “professors” so to speak. The criteria to meet to be the other ranking members is be level 250 and above so for crew hierarchy it goes leader which is me Gamergirlcentral think of me as the principal or dean of the university I have the experience on GTA Online of a person who is level 900-1000. I’ve been playing since 2014 when I got the first gen of GTA online So Despite my characters level because I’ve had at least 6-8 characters over the years because I used to restart characters so often . the commissioners will be thought of as the assistant deans or vice principals this will be assigned to players that are level 250 and up. other veteran players will be put under the lieutenants and representatives will be other professors and will require to be a level between 100 and 200. all players start off as muscle so as each player reaches each milestone to be promoted will be for example once a player in the muscle level reaches level 100 which is the level required to be a representative and so on and so forth. Now as for the rules. breaking any of these will result in either demotion or removal from the crew.

These rules are simple:

  1. No griefing: this means No attacking players when they are doing anything related to businesses. This includes selling product from businesses like the document forgery, weed farm, counterfeit cash, meth lab, cocaine lock up and acid lab. selling cargo from you hanger, cargo warehouses, nightclub, vehicle warehouse and bunker. This also includes sourcing missions like getting items for heists or sourcing cargo for hangers and warehouses. in other words if something or someone pops up as a red package, vehicle or crate don’t attack it cause chances are that person worked really hard to get that stuff and will retaliate as a result of losing their hard earned stock.  break this rule at all even once you will be removed from the crew immediately no exceptions.
  2. Going off of the griefing point don’t attack other players for no reason. if someone is minding their own business and not doing anything to hurt or bother anyone don’t attack them. If you want to have some fun with PVP with someone ask them to do a 1v1 or invite them to one of the many PVP based modes in the game. If they say no just move on. Also to elaborate on this don’t attack people if they don’t want to get in your car. there could be any number of reasons someone doesn’t want to get in your car as in they are waiting for their own car to spawn or they are in the middle of doing something else. Either way if you honk at them once and they don’t hop in just drive away. breaking this rule once will result in demotion breaking it a second time will result in being removed from the crews. to add PVP is acceptable if its related to a freemode event.

now for some generalization and things to do to help this crew strive.

  1. all crew members keep a look out for potential new members. this could be a new player just starting out and wanting to earn money or a veteran player with lots of experience that just wants to help people in the game. If you see these types of players ask them if they would like to join the crew and to look for said crew on Rockstar social club or send them an invite if you are a member of the crew.
  2. be on the look out for other crew members that might be breaking the rules above if you see this and you are not at the crew level that can either demote or kick them you can message the leader  one of the commissioners or one of the  lieutenants so they can deal with the issue. if they have broken rule one only contact either the leader or the commissioners.
  3. If you get into a full lobby of people in CEOs or MCs and there’s no more room to be either offer others help you might be surprised how many people will except help from others and even though it might not be much money as if you were doing yours you still get some money which adds up over time and you get lots of extra RP. To add to that if you see low level players ask if they need help making some money and would like to learn ways to make a good amount of money and then be patient and start teaching them the ways of the grinder.
  4. If you are in a public lobby with maybe 2 or three other crew members and the rest are randoms and you see someone regardless if they are crew or not and you are not doing anything and see some one getting griefed while trying to deliver something or just someone going around attacking other players for no reason. Take a moment to help the players getting griefed or attacked for no reason and take out the attacker. 9 chances out of ten if they are constantly getting killed by someone else they will leave the lobby and leave everyone alone. also if you see anyone like that report them to higher levels of crew so their usernames can be blocked from the crew list so they are never able to join them.

other mentions that apply to crew lobbies and members in public lobbies

  1. business battles: for this if there is enough to go around for a good portion of the lobby take 1 and go and leave some for another person don’t be greedy if its something for just a single thing to steal take turns to get each thing if its just crew in the lobby. if its public and someone is already going for it leave it alone and let them take it and help them out by keeping other players of of them.
  2. free mode events: in this circumstance PVP is ok and often encouraged when the evens pop up and its good fun.
  3. Be patient If someone in the lobby is doing a VIP/CEO work or MC contract. and you also want to do one be patient and don’t attack the person doing it to make it end faster. this will create enemies instead of friends and discourage new players that are just trying to make money from playing the game.
  4. bounties: people with bounties either leave them be or take them out and give them the money.

anyway that should be it.

if you want to join a crew that has fun playing appropriately and have fun getting lots of money in the process or are a new player looking to learn the ropes or a veteran wanting to pass on there knowledge if the appropriate way to play to make friends instead of enemies or if you just a player who wants to join a good crew to make friends on xbox then this is the crew for you.

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