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Friendly Players Grinding Lobbies

Friendly Players Grinding Lobbies

FPGL [Friendly Players Grinding Lobbies] is a Xbox grinding crew that has been working together since January 2017. Pull off heists and rotate sales in GTA with knowledgeable, friendly crew members. Join us as we play in peace and avoid the hostile players.

In GTA, we run any kind of MC, CEO, and VIP missions in secure crew-only public lobbies, host heist sessions, and team up with each other to share help and get things done quicker. Efficient gameplay makes the grind easier when you don’t need to worry about hostile players. We also host events like car meets, off-road events, and airshows to show off all the cool things you earned from your hard work!

We require members to use text chat in the Discord app to communicate. All of our communication about events and sessions happens in Discord.

We support both Xbox One and Xbox S/X versions of the game with separate lobbies.

More about us at r/FPGL, check out the new trailer in the pinned post there!


You can join us at our discord server! https://discord.gg/DYgKvZF You will need your Xbox Gamertag and Rockstar Socialclub account if you want to join our GTA sessions. We hope to see you there!

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