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Fireteam Spectre

Fireteam Spectre

Fireteam Spectre is looking for laid back adult guardians to join our clan. We raid, we slay, we screw around, and we explore. Our founding members started gaming together back in the days of the Halo LAN party. If you’re looking for a mature and active group who play all content, come join us.

We have an active Discord server that we use for LFG, to share guides and info, and just to socialize as well. We also use The100.io for all of our internal LFG needs and have a group set up there as well.

Our only requirements are that since we use Discord as our primary means of communication and we ask that all new members join our server when joining the clan. We also ask members to not go inactive for longer than 2 months at a time or they will be removed from the clan to make room for more active players.

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