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Family Of Mob Bosses

Family Of Mob Bosses

Welcome to MOB!  “Family Of Mob Bosses Official GTA V Online Hub and Community! Where our goal is to make everyone who joins our gang a boss within their own right! We all play for different reasons and wish to obtain different goals, so don’t feel out of place. We have a place for you! Once you join, we will provide you are ‘secret’ literature that our gang is based on and how we plan to make you a boss in game and IRL (if you put in the work), so that you don’t get lost in a crowd of 100s or 1000s of potential members.


We control the Westside of Los Santos, So at some point you must purchase a property Rockford st (corner apt) along with any of your other properties. We have everything we need in this area, plus this keeps us around each other for RP and JP purposes as well. So learn this area. We have secret meeting locations in this area, to meet and start up acid lab jobs plus more.


Be a honorable member:

Just as much as you want to gain from the gang, be willing to give to the gang. To help pull someone else up, share information, give them a blueprint to getting rich.


Simple rules:

• Be Active!

• No Killing each other with malicious intent, that will cause disruption with the gang moral.

• Our gang logo, made to fit clothing items. So on the days that your not getting fly/fresh with your outfits. Try to wear something that represents that gang.

• IF you want to show your love and loyalty to the crew, get the gang tattoo on your character.

• Be available for others in a time of need. For heists, MC drop offs, protection, car meets etc

• Find players within the gang, that you love to play with and have a blast! Take over scoreboards all while waving the FMB banner.

• After joining, please go to your social club account and go to crews, find the members and friend/follow to start building your network within the gang.

The bigger the brand, helps each individual if you decide to open up a youtube channel to monetize your gameplay.


Click & Join Family Of  Mob Bosses Here on social Club Below.


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