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Eon Gaming IS NOT an eSports team! We DO NOT require members to sign contracts with anyone from our community/clan and we DO NOT pay members to PLAY! This community was created as a way for gamers to meet and play with other gamers


Foremost, Eon Gaming holds competitions, contests, giveaways and tournaments as a way to say “thank-you” to all of our members for their loyalty to the community and activity within it.




​Founded by IDoThis211 and CrazyDemonicWolf on December 29th, 2019, the Eon Gaming community/clan was born. On that day these experienced leaders and fellow gamers set the single goal that all gamers deserve a fun, fair, and safe casual gaming experience regardless of age, skill, race, gender, and religious or personal belief. It was also on this day that these leaders came to the understanding with each other that EVERY gamer around the world is just as important as the last and the next.


About Us:


Eon Gaming is a professional, in manner, yet casual/competitive gaming community/clan that strives in providing a friendly and family-oriented environment for every gamer around the world regardless of age or skill level. Eon Gaming was not only created to be a safe environment for gamers to meet and enjoy the companionship of other gamers but as a platform to excel and improve your gameplay around a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Our community is available on many consoles, geared around no specific game, and is equipped with friendly and helpful leadership available to any gamer/member new and old. We take pride in our leadership and focus on making every member feel equally important with our ranking structure which allows any member who accepts the responsibility the opportunity to join our amazing leadership team. Eon Gaming is a community unlike any other that returns loyalty with opportunity and growth within our community as well as helps teach life-related skills for our members. Loyalty, respect, and dedication, among many others, are the main skills that Eon Gaming wishes to deliver to all of our members.


Our Mission:


Eon Gaming is constantly striving to improve the overall gaming experience for all of our members, regardless of age, skill, race, gender, personal or religious belief. Our mission now and looking into the future will be to become a platform for all types of gamers, whether competitive or casual. A place for all gamers to call their “second family” and be treated as such. Most importantly a platform where all of our members feel safe and comfortable enough to express themselves, their talents, and passion for video gaming.