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Echoes of War

Echoes of War

We are a mid-sized clan with mostly NA players but have members from around the globe who call our group home. We play on all platforms. Our main focus is on destiny but play other games as well (everyone knows destiny has some downtime between seasons). We do have a few rules that we ask you to follow if you’d like to join us, but they’re simple to follow! You’ll see all of them when you join the server, but a couple to start with before you join are:

  •  Must have a microphone
  •  Must have Discord
  •  Must speak English
  •  Age restriction: 18+
  •  Be willing to play with the clan and chat with us in the discord server We have scheduled pve activities and patient sherpas who love to teach/help:

**Raids, dungeons, nightfalls, legend campaigns, legacy/exotic missions** Our goal is to have players comfortable enough with their skills to eventually help teach if needed.