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What makes our unit different?
Three things: AI.
We are the brains behind the DCO Vehicle and Soldier.FSM and we’ve created and tweaked our AI for the unit in order to get the most believable and immersive PvE experience available without the need of artificial Zeus intervention or Eden scripted events.
DCO Operations offers HARDCORE experiences that we can with confidence say is one of the most intense and immersive ones in ARMA 3 today.
Our AI will spot you at distance and will instantly move into fighting positions.
They will flinch when taking incoming fire, dodge into nearby cover and hunker down until they no longer are suppressed by which they will return fire to get superiority.
DCO AI will call for reinforcements, hunt you, fix, flank and finish you off.
What kinda scenarios are you commonly playing?
Our missions are varied, well planned with tons of details and plot twists
Since we are a small PMC unit we usually focus on PMC or SoE type of operations, by most of which we are heavily outnumbered and surrounded by enemy forces.
Do you spend much time training/drilling?
Most of our missions require certain roles that need some degree of familiarization.
About one hour before OP time we simulate elements that will be expected in the upcoming operation.
This not only allows for everyone to feel warmed up and prepared, but it also allows new members to get acquainted with our procedures, keybinds and to learn to know the team before getting violated by our AI.
What roles are available?
Combat Medic
Infantry Automatic Rifle
Anti-Tank Operator
Dedicated pilot
Roleplayers (NPC control)
Fireteam leader
How often do you do OP’s?
Members vote on one and more of the following playtimes:
Wednesday 18:00-21:00 GMT
Friday 18:00-21:00 GMT
Sunday 18:00-21:00 GMT
What is required by our members?
– Fluid English skills.
– You must be well mannered, proactive, self correcting and humble.
– You love teamwork, communication, roleplay elements and extremely intense firefights.
What can we offer you?
– As a beginner you will get fully integrated into the team and your role of choice.
– We offer a great environment for learning and improving your skills and teamwork.
– An advanced PMC economy and mission generation system.
– A fully integrated role and ranking system with salary.
– Semi-persistent player loadouts and unit economy based on operation results.
– Travel all corners of the world as a PMC contractor.
Join our discord and submit an application here:

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