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Delenta & Co

Delenta & Co

(DECO) Delenta & Co. is a Private Military Company on Xbox-One. Our primary focus is that of building a strong, lasting brotherhood which has the ability to support each other – Online or in Real life. We are a close-knit Family – choosing to follow ‘6-pillars’ of Loyalty, Respect, Honour, Brotherhood, Duty and Integrity. These are the values of which DECO was built upon and they remain important to us to this day.

In addition to our goal of building a strong, supportive brotherhood – As a Private Military we also prioritise Combat training and ability, working effectively as a Team to fight hostiles in competitive environments and we offer the Training to do so with experienced Members. We also offer the opportunity to undertake Contracts for other Communities/Crews including but not limited to; Freemode-War assistance, Assassinations, Intelligence gathering and Personal Security.

Above all, we work closely together to help one another, ensuring the overall focus remains on having a good time. Not many Communities/Crews have the ability or Capability to operate like we do, showing Discipline, Professionalism and Experience all while being able to have fun and have a general laugh.


What do we offer?

  •  Combat training
  •  Support
  •  Minor roleplay
  •  Professionalism
  •  Friendships
  •  Opportunities

What do we do?

  •  PVP/Wars
  •  Events
  •  Cruising
  •  Casual play
  •  Cooperative gameplay
  •  Competitive gameplay

How can you be apart of us?

  •  18+
  •  FreeAim
  •  Experienced
  •  Working mic
  •  Discord
  • Rockstar Social Club
  • Agree to our Codex (Code of Conduct).

More information will be shared under your introduction process.


How to contact us ?

  •  Xbox @ DECO Manti
  •  IG @ deco_manti