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Crocky's Racers Crew

Crocky's Racers Crew

CROC, aka Custom (now Crocky’s) Racers Crew has always been one of the main GTA Online Racing promotors since April 11th, 2014, this particularly for contact slipstream
racing and endurance racing.
With the most advanced and detailed replicas of real life racing circuits, but also loads
of custom creations made by master-creator members, we take racing in the world of
GTAO to other levels.
CROC is also known for hosting the most legendary events in the world of GTAO, eg:
Indy 500 (Annual Open Event), 24 Hours of Los Santos, and has continuous events
running throughout the year. (RX, Constructor Cup, Endurance Fridays, F1 Season,
Dealer’s Choice, Porsche Cup, aso..)
With the focus on fair and clean racing, we strive to co-create the most competitive
events. The strict and simple ruling, along with a set of verified racing circuits make
it easy for any driver to become good or better in a little matter of time.

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